• Add-Ons are here! Watch our cool tutorial vids!

    The mighty 0.16 update has landed on Pocket and Windows 10 (read all about it here!) bringing with it our first implementation of Add-Ons! They’re a new way for you to customise your Minecraft world, allowing you to poke around in the guts of the game and tweak the way mobs look and behave.

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  • Add-Ons! Sponges! Pocket / Win 10 gets the Boss Update

    Wet sponges - I’ve recently discovered that babies like to suck on them, which is kinda gross to be honest. But let’s not worry about that for now. Minecraft: Pocket Edition and the Windows 10 Edition beta are being updated to 0.16 today, bringing loads of new features, most of which are not in the slightest bit soggy.

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  • Minecraft snapshot 16w42a

    Snapshot time! Bug fixes galore!

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  • Realms Map Round-Up: Pandas, Puzzles and Egyptian Elytra

    Brave Adventurers!

    This week, we have FOUR new maps for you. They’ll let you soar across ancient ruins, saddle up sturdy panda steeds, clamber through the jungle canopy and ponder brain-bending puzzles. Mildly interested? We can work with that.

    Our first addition is a great Capture the Flag game where you use elytra wings to fly into your enemy’s base. Let’s get into it!

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  • Minecraft snapshot 16w41a

    It’s time for a new snapshot, and this one includes a lot of bugfixes!

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  • Hurry! Pre-order Be@rbrick Creeper 400% before Oct 10

    MediCom Toy Inc have been making supercool BE@RBRICK figurines since 2001 and it’s a great honour to be able to collaborate with them on this limited edition 28cm-tall creeper model. Other featured designs have been by the likes of H R Giger and Vivienne Westwood, so we’re in some very fancy company!

    You can pre-order yours now right here - but you only have until Oct 10 to do so! The models will then be shipped out in January.

    That’s all!


    Marsh - @marshdavies

  • Minecraft snapshot 16w40a

    It’s time for a charming bug fix snapshot!

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  • New book alert! Build a mighty medieval empire!

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Today we’re releasing Exploded Builds: Medieval Fortress - a new book that teaches you how to put together your own medieval kingdom piece by (possibly plague-ridden) piece.

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  • Fearsome fixes! Changelog 0.15.10 for Pocket / Win 10

    Hello! The 0.15.10 update for Pocket and Windows 10 Edition slunk out during the dark hours of the night, bringing with it the chilling Campfire Tales skin pack and squishing a fair few bugs.

    We’ve been having a few issues distributing the special MINECON skins and associated capes. They are meant to be free, but some users have been asked for money while trying to obtain them through the Google Play store. If you do get prompted for a fee, use the code MINECON2016, and it should let you have them for the correct price of zero money.

    Android users who want the skins should do this as soon as possible - the skins won’t be available for much longer!

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  • Eek! Campfire Tales skin pack haunts Pocket / Win 10!

    Halloween is almost upon us! The land falls into shadow. The moon is but a sallow, spiteful eye, glowering through black clouds. Ancient things - forgotten things - begin to stir in the lonely places of the earth. A sickly fog rasps through the streets. Lock the doors! Shutter the windows! Huddle round the fire. It’s time to swap stories of the strange, the sinister and the supernatural!

    Scared out of your skin? Luckily for you, the Campfire Tales skin pack comes with 16 more! It crept from the shadows and onto Pocket / Win 10 Edition during the night.

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