• Shouldn't you be on Minecraft.net right now?


    This blog is no longer the go-to place for official Minecraft news! From now on we’ll be posting snapshots, updates, and lots, lots more on Minecraft.net.

    Minecraft.net! Bookmark it! Make it your homepage!

    Why have we done this? Learn that and more on Minecraft.net!

    Note: we’ll still use this blog for any Mojang news that’s not relevant to Minecraft. There’s not a lot of that about right now but thought it was worth mentioning.


    Owen - @bopogamel and Marsh - @marshdavies

  • Scrolls just got a massive patch! Extra fun included



    I thought it was worth mentioning that Scrolls has just received a massive patch. All kinds of things have been improved, added, and tweaked. It’s more fun than it’s ever been before!

    Gary has written a great post outlining all the changes over at Scrolls.com. Give it a read, eh?

    Oh, and if you haven’t bought Scrolls yet, click here to download the demo. It’s a happy bundle of fun.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • The Humble Card Game bundle just got even better!


    Hey! Remember the Humble Card Game Bundle we mentioned last week? It just got even better! Now, if you pay over the average you get the two snazzy Scrolls avatar heads you can see up there, along with a bunch of other cool stuff.

    Not too shabby. For more info, check out the Scrolls Humble Bundle FAQ.

    Thanks for reading!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Hey, you! Buy The Humble Card Game Bundle!

    Humble bundle logo

    Do you like digital card games? What about real-life, physical ones? T Shirts? Secret stuff? I bet you do.

    For that reason, you should obviously buy the Humble Card Game Bundle. It’s a very clever thing; you get different amounts of stuff depending on how much money you’re willing to pony up. You also get to choose exactly where your money goes. Hand it over to one of a few different charities, the games developers, or the good folks at Humble Bundle.

    Here’s an explanation of what you get for your cash. If it seems confusing, that’s because it is! Sorry.

    Free (available without purchase)

    • Card City Nights (Digital + Print and Play)
    • Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space (Print and Play)

    Pay What You Want

    • Scrolls Full Version
    • SolForge (Dinosaur Starter Deck)
    • Star Realms Full Version
    • Talisman: Digital Edition + 2 Character Pack DLCs

    Beat the Average

    • Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers (Special Edition (??)) + Garruk’s Revenge
    • Dominion Online (Seaside Complete)
    • SolForge (2 Starter Decks + 1300 Gold)

    Pay At Least $12

    • Card Hunter (Basic Edition [IAP Item])
    • Dominion Online (Intrigue Complete + Prosperity Complete)
    • Scrolls (2 Exclusive Avatars + 2 Debut Pre-Constructed Decks)

    Pay At Least $35

    • Exclusive card game / Humble Bundle-themed t-shirt (by The Yetee)
    • Star Realms (Physical) + Exclusive Alternate Art Card

    Go forth and purchase, crafters!

  • Scrolls released on PC, Mac, and Android tablets!


    Scrolls costs $5 but you can play the demo version for free! Wander over to scrolls.com and download it!

    Scrolls is hardly anything like Minecraft, but it’s still super fun to play. Watch the trailer below to get an idea of how the game works.

    See you on the battlefield, Mojang fan. You are great!

    Owen - @bopogamel, and the Scrolls team.

  • What's next for Scrolls?



    As you might have heard, Scrolls is Mojang’s second game. It’s hardly anything like Minecraft, but still super fun to play… honest! I’ve just posted an update on Scrolls.com that explains some of our future plans for development. Why not check it out?

    If you’re new to Scrolls, now is a great time to get involved. You can buy into the Alpha at Scrolls.com/buy.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Rebellion is here!


    Scrolls has just received its fourth major update. It’s called Rebellion and brings with it new gameplay mechanics, scrolls, trials and more! Check Scrolls.com for a more thorough list of changes.

    If you’re new to Scrolls, now is a great time to get involved. You can buy into the Alpha at Scrolls.com/buy.

    Have a good day everyone!
    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Bought Scrolls? Don't forget to gift your free code!


    Hey guys,

    You might remember this post from the end of last year. Basically, everyone who bought Scrolls before December 19th received a free Scrolls code to give to a buddy. Though lots of you have given your code away, there are still a few that haven’t been redeemed.

    I mention this because the codes will only work for the next two weeks. After that they become a meaningless stream of letters and numbers, which is significantly less fun than playing Scrolls with a friend or loved one.

    So do the right thing, eh? Log into your Mojang account and give the gift of Scrolls. It’s a very nice thing to do.

    Have a great day!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Own Scrolls? Give it to a friend for free!


    It’s the most Christmassy time of the year!

    For that reason, everyone who’s bought Scrolls is about to receive an extra copy to give to a friend. I’ve posted details on Scrolls.com to explain exactly how you can send it out, so go there and give the gift of Scrolls. Very festive.

    Merry Christmas from the whole Scrolls Team!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Next week is Judgement week!


    Next week marks the second major update for Scrolls. It brings a new mode, spectating tools, over 44 new Scrolls and more.

    Check Scrolls.com for more details. Alternatively, watch the video below voiced by lead designer, Jakob Porser. He’s got a lovely voice.

    Owen - @bopogamel