• Happy holidays from all at Mojang!

    Hey everyone!

    It’s been a busy, eventful, year but it’s finally time to sit back, eat loads of food, and play unhealthy amounts of video games.

    We’s like to take a moment to thank every last one of you for continuing to support us for all these years, and for inspiring us to make Minecraft into something truly special.

    See you in 2016!

    Owen - @bopogamel and the rest of the Mojangstas.

  • The making of Hour of Code


    You might remember the Hour of Code tutorial we released a few weeks ago. It’s still around, so give it a try if you’d like to learn the basics of programming through a Minecraft-themed set of challenges.

    Creating the Hour of Code was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and you guys seemed to really like it too. With that in mind, we created this chirpy video that explains some of the thinking behind development.

    If you’re having any issues progressing through the challenges, or introducing your friends/family/students to the Hour of Code, this tutorial from Steve Isaacs, a teacher at William Annin Middle School, might help. He manages to complete the Hour of Code in under 38 minutes, which might be some kind of speed run record.

    Have a good day, everyone!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Minecraft meets Hour of Code


    We’re proud to announce that Minecraft is part of this year’s Hour of Code campaign.

    Hour of Code is focused on introducing basic programming skills in a simple, accessible way. It feels like a great fit for Minecraft, so we’ve been working with Microsoft to create a themed set of challenges.

    The Minecraft Hour of Code takes about 3,600 seconds to complete and will introduce you to programming logic like Repeat Loops and If Statements. If you don’t know what those things are, play through this thing and find out!

    The tutorial is designed for ages over six and up, and you get to play as either Steve or Alex. It’s completely free, and doesn’t require you to download or install anything.

    Check it out here: www.code.org/mc There’s a high chance you might learn something!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Check out the new, nicer-looking, blog


    As the eagle-eyed among you might have noticed, we’ve updated mojang.com with new fonts, margins, and lots of other things that are of no concern to you. Please continue to read our words as normal.

    Seeing as this is a new thing that exists on the internet, there’s a high chance something might go wrong. If that happens blame @tomassommar.

    However, if everything works perfectly and you think the site is great, thank me - @bopogamel.

    Have a great day, people!

  • We're updating our legal documents


    We’re updating our EULAs, Brand and Asset Guidelines, and Website Account Terms today, as well as releasing some brand-new Commercial Use Guidelines. I know that’s an intimidating first sentence but you don’t need to panic. If you want to jump in at the deep end, view all of our legal documents at account.mojang.com/terms and minecraft.net/terms

    The majority of the changes won’t affect most of you, but we think it’s worth trying to explain the reasons behind them. The changes go into effect on November 20.

    How our Commercial Use Guidelines affect videos and streams

    Though we’ve explained the ways you can make money from Minecraft in the past, our Commercial Use Guidelines represent the first time the rules have been laid out in a formal way, and in multiple languages.

    Again, there’s nothing to worry about here - you can still monetize your servers and videos. The most significant change is that, if you decide to restrict your stream to paying users, the video must be made available for free 24 hours after the original broadcast date. Just like all user-created Minecraft videos, you’re free to monetize your work with ads, if you please.

    We’re happy for you to make money for your hard work and to feature an exclusivity period for dedicated fans, but we don’t like the idea of permanently restricting Minecraft content to a select group of players. That’s not in the spirit of the game.

    How the new Commercial Use Guidelines affect sales of hand-crafted Minecraft things

    Minecraft inspires lots of people to create lots of cool things. Considering the nature of the game, it’s no surprise that people create bespoke, real-life items and want to share them with the world. We’re OK with you doing this, but for obvious reasons we need to include a few caveats: your designs must be unique, you can only make 20 versions of each individual item, and you can’t make over $5000 from sales each year.

    There’s a lot more to this, so if you’re selling real-life items inspired by Minecraft we strongly recommend you check the full Commercial Use Guidelines.

    Changes to the EULA and Terms of Use

    We use EULAs and Terms of Use at Mojang. As you might have heard, Mojang is now owned by Microsoft, a U.S. company. For that reason, we needed to make some changes to abide by the law and Microsoft’s policies. To reiterate, these changes won’t affect the most of our community, but here’s an attempt at explaining what’s been changed and why.

    First: indemnity. The old terms used to say that anyone who caused us legal trouble would have to pay us if the issues cost money to fix. Now, you don’t have to pay us. Instead, new terms say that we’re no longer responsible for any of your damages. This is Microsoft’s policy, and since we’re not in the habit of suing our customers, it seems like a good idea to us.

    Next, arbitration and class action waiver. This change only applies to U.S. residents. Lawsuits can take a long time and can be expensive. Microsoft moved to an arbitration policy beginning in 2011, which makes potential issues simpler, faster, and less expensive to to resolve on an individual basis. That’s a very simplistic way of describing what an arbitration policy is so, if you’re interested, read Microsoft’s explanation.

    Third-party owners complaining about stuff

    The agreements now state where IP owners should send complaints if they find an IP infringement on our servers or websites. For example, if someone is linking to an illegal download link from in-game chat on a Realms server, they know who to call; it’s us. This doesn’t affect YouTube videos, third-party servers, or anything else you’ve created. Any complaints about those things will need to be sent elsewhere.

    All of our legal documents, localised in most major languages, are available at account.mojang.com/terms and minecraft.net/terms

    Thanks for reading, people! Be good! Follow the law! Eat your greens!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Real-life Minecraft loot! Mine Chest now available


    According to a detailed study we haven’t actually performed, chances are you like Minecraft. That means you probably like Minecraft merchandise. Lovely, real-life Minecraft things to sit on your desk, or wear, or put in your pocket.

    If that’s the case I bring good news! Mine Chest is now a thing.

    Sign up for Mine Chest and a boxed bundle of Minecraft merch will get delivered to your door once a month. Each Mine Chest is themed around a specific aspect of Minecraft and no two will contain the same bits and bobs, which can range from t-shirts to collectable figurines.

    Mine Chest costs $29.99 per month and can be ordered on a recurring three or six month plan. Read more about it, and place an order at www.minechest.com, if you like!

    Have a jolly day!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • Cross play on Win 10 and PE! The Nether! More!


    We hope you enjoyed Doki Doki Compatibility Quest: 3. It took up a lot of resources (all typos and bugs are intentional). Extra special thanks to Stephen Velema for letting us use his nostalgic tunes.

    Doki Doki Compatibility Quest III was created in celebration of our latest update to Minecraft Pocket Edition and the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.

    Patch 0.12.1 is packed with content, but one of the most exciting things is that you can now play cross-platform. That means a Windows 10 Edition Beta player can jump into their friend’s world, even if they’re playing on a phone or tablet.

    One of our long-term goals for Minecraft is to bring our community closer, and give as many players as possible a chance to play together. This is a small step towards that goal.

    Play locally

    Play online

    Online play is something of a work in progress. That said, it’s pretty cool if you get it set up. Click Play, then New, then the funny little plus-sign-arrow-thing in the corner, and add the name and IP address of the server you want to join. Good luck!

    What else is in the update?

    • The Nether and all its inhabitants. Fight Ghasts and make friends with Pigmen
    • Cross platform play for up to five players between Pocket Edition and Windows 10
    • Revamped touch controls, controller support, and a controller mapping screen
    • Enhanced Weather effects! Accumulating snow and more
    • Zombie Villagers can now have professions like farmers or butchers
    • Ocelots! Try taming one with a fish
    • Experience, Anvils, Brewing, and enchantments. Time to up your game, crafter
    • Golems. We recommend you approach with caution
    • Flower pots. We recommend you fill them with flowers
    • Sneaking and sprinting! Express yourself through movement!
    • Loads of bug fixes that are too boring to list here.
    • Lots, lots more!

    Owen - @bopogamel

  • We've chosen a director for the Minecraft movie!

    Rob McElhenney

    Hello there!

    Some of you may have seen this guy hanging around MINECON in London a couple weeks ago. He’s Rob McElhenney, and he’s going to be directing the upcoming Minecraft movie.

  • Watch the Minecraft livestream! UPDATE: We're live!

    New screen

    Hey! In case you didn’t already know, MINECON 2015 is starting tomorrow. It’s taking place in London and is going to be super fun and extremely Minecrafty!

    Unfortunately, we can’t fit every single Minecrafter into the venue, so we’re also streaming the show via the internet.

    Go to twitch.tv/minecon to watch the stream from 10am GMT tomorrow. Don’t worry if that timing doesn’t work for you though - we’re replaying the stream at various times during the weekend so you can tune in whenever you like, and watch the most fun bits over and over!

    Here’s the link again, in case you’ve already forgotten!


  • LittleBigPlanet meets Minecraft! Minecon capes!


    Hello! I bring DLC news for console players. Read on for the info.

    LittleBigPlanet meets Minecraft! (Playstation editions only)

    Good news for LittleBigPlanet fans on Sony’s consoles! A brand-new mash-up pack featuring Sackboy, Sackgirl OddSock, Toggle, Swoop and many more, is on its way to Minecraft on PlayStation.

    Mash up packs let you change the way Minecraft looks. This one lets you LittleBigPlanet-ify your Minecraft world with textures, characters and creatures from Media Molecule’s adorable platformer. It even comes with a pre-build landscape and some catchy tunes taken straight from the game. What more could a Little Big Minecrafter possibly want?


    The LittleBigPlanet Mash-up pack will be available to download from July 1st. It’ll cost £3.29/€3.99.


    The Minecon 2015 Skin Pack (All console editions)

    Even more DLC news for y’all! To celebrate the awesomeness that is next week’s Minecon 2015, we’re releasing a free bundle of skins for both Sony and Microsoft consoles. This pack is extra-special because it features Alex and Steve wearing a selection of smart capes.

    The Minecon 2015 Skin Pack will be available for just 15 days from the 1st of July onwards. Download it from Xbox Live Marketplace/PSN while it’s still hot. You’ve got nothing to lose but your bandwidth!

    Have a great week, everyone!

    Owen - @bopogamel