Eek! Campfire Tales skin pack haunts Pocket / Win 10!

Halloween is almost upon us! The land falls into shadow. The moon is but a sallow, spiteful eye, glowering through black clouds. Ancient things - forgotten things - begin to stir in the lonely places of the earth. A sickly fog rasps through the streets. Lock the doors! Shutter the windows! Huddle round the fire. It’s time to swap stories of the strange, the sinister and the supernatural!

Scared out of your skin? Luckily for you, the Campfire Tales skin pack comes with 16 more! It crept from the shadows and onto Pocket / Win 10 Edition during the night.

Each skin is exceptionally spooky. If you’ve been following our Twitter feed, you may have spotted some of the twisted tales behind them - the jealous Headless Haunter, the vengeful Lumbering Jack, the obsessive Sea-Swallowed Captain, the hasty confectioner Crisp, the cursed Well Wisher, Rancid Anne, The Sham, Ol’ Diggy and the Risen Rose.

But there are stories left to tell! What otherwordly origin could explain The Enderall? What sad story anchors The Lapis Lady to this earthly realm? For whom, or what, does Cropsy wait? What drives the mysterious Farlander? What will the Silksnatcher do with all that webbing? Where does the Blocksquatch hide? And just why is The Unshorn so woolly?

Why not tell your own tale? Share your spooky sightings and frightsome fables with us using the #campfiretales hashtag!

Cheerio! (Or should that be EERIE-o?)

Marsh - @marshdavies