Realms map round-up: chickens and challenges

Here we are again! Though we last spoke mere days ago, as promised, the release cycle of new Realms maps on PC has changed. That means that instead of a recap post, the maps you’ll see below are brand new to Realms, and are available right… now!

Read on, brave adventurer!

Makers Wars by Minemakers Team

The Minemakers team is at it again, this time showing off their take on the skywars PvP minigame genre. Choose your team, your map, and your starting items, then fight across islands in the sky; the last team standing wins!

Chicken’s Courage by Mithey

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a chicken (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?), Chicken’s Courage has you covered. In this adventure, you’ll need to get to the bottom of the fowl play happening in your beloved tree home. Doing so will require you to double-jump between platforms, upgrade your offensive capabilities (egg arrows!), and defeat three custom bosses.

Waldur by Gemoz, Pebble, and Kovu

Waldur is the perfect place to start a new survival game of Minecraft. It’s got a quiet village, mushrooms, giant trees, and a fancy tower! Or, if you prefer, fly around it in spectator mode, using it as inspiration for your own creative builds.


The Realms team will be flying out to sunny Anaheim, California next week with most of the rest of Mojang. If you’re attending, stop us and say hi! We’ll be back in October with more new Realms maps.

Marc - @Marc_IRL