Minecraft Snapshot 16w39c - The Exploration Update

Update: Minecraft snapshot 16w39c has been released!

Seven years and counting, Minecraft is still growing and expanding. We thought it is about time we add something to guide you through the vastness of the endless overworlds. Introducing the Exploration Update!

Among your villager friends, you will now find the Cartographer residing in the library. Spend your hard-earned emeralds to obtain maps leading you to adventurous locations such as the Ocean Monument and the new Woodland Mansion.

This procedurally generated dungeon is the home of the villager’s outcast cousins, the Illagers. This insidious and spooky crowd will not tolerate any trespassers in their home, so you should expect a fight when you venture there for the mansion’s treasure.

The Exploration Update also brings the Shulker Box, an inventory-expanding chest originating from The End itself. This box’s primary property is to keep items inside of itself even when the box is knocked down. This behavior is something that contraption tinkerers should find useful as well, as it enables large amounts of items to be transported in a predictable manner.

Speaking of transporting items, Minecraft now hosts llamas! The llamas live in the mountains and can be equipped with chests to carry items for you. Well-mannered as they are, they will also politely form caravans whenever you lead one in your travels.

As always there are many other neat additions in this update, and here is the intentionally noninformative change log:

  • Added cursed enchantments
  • Added the Observer block
  • Added escape portals in The End
  • Added the Shulker Shell and Shulker Box
  • Added exploration maps
  • Added the Woodland Mansion
  • Added Illagers, and the Vex
  • Added Llamas
  • New command: /locate
  • Removed Herobrine

Bugs fixed in 16w39c:

  • [Bug MC-7809] - Aiming at the very bottom of a side of an upper slab/stair places slabs/stairs right-side up in multiplayer
  • [Bug MC-67665] - Mouse click position always lags a few frames behind the crosshair
  • [Bug MC-72962] - The Empty Map texture is one pixel lower than the Map/Paper texture
  • [Bug MC-82841] - Arrows are bright despite being in darkness
  • [Bug MC-90074] - Boat from dispenser is facing wrong direction (towards dispenser instead of the same way as dispenser)
  • [Bug MC-93651] - No placement sound when placing blocks on fence
  • [Bug MC-101372] - Item pickup sound plays twice when picking up an item
  • [Bug MC-106557] - Shulker cannot correctly spawn to the block(The side/below) by use spawn egg
  • [Bug MC-107148] - Elytra not rendering texture correctly
  • [Bug MC-107291] - Potion entity is marked as invalid, when you throw potions and press button Q
  • [Bug MC-107522] - Arrows floating, when the shulker box is opened and then closed
  • [Bug MC-107803] - Invalid Variant value for llama does not default to 0 causing invisible llama
  • [Bug MC-107817] - Inconsistency: Silver shulker box, not light gray
  • [Bug MC-107820] - Leftover-“test.png” from shulker boxes in 16w39b\assets\minecraft
  • [Bug MC-107823] - Trajectory of ranged items altered when shooting at Shulker Boxes
  • [Bug MC-107828] - stat.useItem.minecraft.totem doesn’t work
  • [Bug MC-107830] - Observer side texture upside down
  • [Bug MC-107843] - Totem consumed all stack when used in offhand
  • [Bug MC-107877] - Dispenser placing a Shulker Box does not make the fail sound if the dispenser fails

Bugs fixed in 16w39b:

  • [Bug MC-105513] - Loading Structures that contain no blocks ignores entities
  • [Bug MC-106571] - Cannot tab-complete “flush” with the save-all command
  • [Bug MC-106573] - “flush” argument in save-all not included in /help save-all
  • [Bug MC-107221] - Can’t breed Donkeys with Horses, making Mules unobtainable
  • [Bug MC-107379] - Spawn Eggs of new Mobs are not sorted alphabetically in Creative Inventory
  • [Bug MC-107383] - Coloured shulker boxes give off purple particles when being broken.
  • [Bug MC-107385] - Shulker Box has no texture on bottom when opened
  • [Bug MC-107388] - Shulker boxes don’t retain custom names when placed or broken
  • [Bug MC-107391] - Shulker boxes don’t get color applied when crafting with a dye
  • [Bug MC-107392] - Inserting Items into a furnace crashes the client
  • [Bug MC-107398] - All colored shulkers boxes named have only “Shulker Box” that would named colors like example: “Blue Shulker Box”
  • [Bug MC-107400] - Looting Enchant does not affect Llama Leather drops
  • [Bug MC-107405] - Player is unable to put plants (saplings, flowers, ferns) into flower pots
  • [Bug MC-107423] - When placing a coloured shulker box it’s purple for a fraction of a second
  • [Bug MC-107425] - Llamas/horses don’t show hearts when tamed
  • [Bug MC-107427] - Shulker Box can only be accessed by 1 player at the same time (WaI?)
  • [Bug MC-107458] - You can place Shulker Boxes underneath yourself
  • [Bug MC-107469] - Silent Tag does not affect Evocation Fangs
  • [Bug MC-107479] - Shulker box interactions doesn’t appear in the Statistics like other interactions.
  • [Bug MC-107486] - Villagers don’t run away from Illagers
  • [Bug MC-107498] - Uninteded capital “LLama” in subtitles
  • [Bug MC-107501] - Crash when trying to place shulker box within the same block as a sign or piston extensions
  • [Bug MC-107510] - Curse of Binding doesn’t affect mobs wearing items.
  • [Bug MC-107528] - Can only craft Shulker Boxes in the middle column of a crafting table
  • [Bug MC-107536] - Llamas do not save their inventory NBT data, causing java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException crash
  • [Bug MC-107573] - Sound event name of shulker box is miscategorised as entity, instead of block.
  • [Bug MC-107586] - Items with Curse of Vanishing are dropped by mobs that hold them sometimes.
  • [Bug MC-107598] - Shulker box’s GUI elements are slightly offset in comparison to chest’s
  • [Bug MC-107608] - Pick Block on placed Shulker Boxes gives different item than found in the creative inventory
  • [Bug MC-107612] - Small shulker texture errors
  • [Bug MC-107614] - Llamas have unused saddle slot
  • [Bug MC-107643] - Wolf is indecisive around llamas while hostile toward the llama.
  • [Bug MC-107661] - Shulker Boxes always dispensed vertically
  • [Bug MC-107683] - Llama causes crash when breeding if “Strength” is 0
  • [Bug MC-107746] - Totem consumed all stack when used

Bugs fixed in 16w39a:

  • [Bug MC-58677] - GUI has inconsistent capitalization
  • [Bug MC-92139] - Too many tipped arrows in the “Combat” section of the creative inventory
  • [Bug MC-106077] - Missing sound files (largeblast1.ogg / largeblast_far1.ogg) because of CamelCase in 1.11.json
  • [Bug MC-107154] - Junk potion from fishing is uncraftable potion
  • [Bug MC-107165] - Brewing icon displays the incorrect color in Creative inventory tab
  • [Bug MC-107166] - Experience bottles produce pink particles.
  • [Bug MC-107170] - writeString method of PacketBuffer is not creating correct exception text
  • [Bug MC-107284] - disabling shields with axes doesn’t work
  • [Bug MC-107320] - Sort order of command autocomplete confusing

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it!

To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

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