MINECON 2016 skins incoming! Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Go, go, go! Today we’re launching special MINECON 2016 skins for FREE! But hurry - you have only until 3rd October to claim yours on console (although Pocket / Win 10 players will have a few more days to grab ‘em). You even get Alex and Steve skins wearing swishy and spooky Enderman capes, too! The skins will roll out across Pocket and Windows 10 platforms today, with Console Editions following tomorrow.

This year’s time-limited celebratory skin pack features four biome-themed adventurers: prowl through the treeline as the furtive Forest Fighter; brave blizzards as the intrepid Ice Pioneer; craft the incredible as the meticulous Mesa Artisan; or plumb the depths as the outlandish Ocean Engineer. He’s totally subnautical!

Not only do you get all this in honour of MINECON 2016 - you get all of last year’s time-limited skins, too, in one big jolly bundle.

So, go get ‘em! And have another screenshot while you’re at it!


Marsh - @marshdavies