Minecraft snapshot 16w32b

Update: Minecraft snapshot 16w32b has been released!

Snapshot time! What you all have been waiting for is finally happening. We are releasing a new snapshot with all the latest internal changes, improvements, bug fixes and some new bugs.

Some of the internal changes are quite complex. If you encounter any problems that don’t have a bug report on our bug tracker already, please make sure to report them and help us improve the game in the next snapshots.

While we plan to keep larger new features as a surprise to reveal at Minecon, some of the smaller changes will make it into snapshots in the following next weeks. And this snapshot has…

Notable changes:

  • Some mobs are now more afraid to get wet in the water
  • There are now more spawn eggs for many different mobs and this time they are working properly, so we’ll keep them
  • Mob types are now separated like this:
    • Guardian and Elder Guardian
    • Skeleton, Stray and Wither Skeleton
    • Zombie, Zombie Villager and Husk
    • Horse, Skeleton Horse, Zombie Horse, Mule and Donkey
  • Changed the duration of hunger and saturation effects
  • Broke some bugs so they should not happen anymore
  • Resource pack format changed slightly, it’s now using version 3
    • Version 3 resource packs have to use lowercase filenames for everything
  • Most commands can now use blockstate definitions instead of a numerical metadata value
  • Snowmen are now 10% less derpy
  • More robust handling of invalid items and hopefully less duping bugs due to this change
  • Lightning storm will now attract less skeleton horses

Bugs fixed in 16w32b:

  • [Bug MC-2188] - Item gets used when right clicking on a saddled pig
  • [Bug MC-100398] - "Marker" true ArmorStands can be pushed by Pistons
  • [Bug MC-102454] - Generic/green robed (zombie) villagers aren't spawnable.
  • [Bug MC-102638] - All sloped rail hitbox equivalent to the a complete block
  • [Bug MC-104259] - Player/Mob stuck/through when on farmland while it changes to dirt
  • [Bug MC-105948] - Selecting a language no longer changes it in-game/crash the game
  • [Bug MC-105950] - Zombie Villager spawn egg only spawns the farmer zombie villager
  • [Bug MC-105953] - Minecraft crashes with superflat preset that uses block which does not exist as item (Example: The Void)
  • [Bug MC-105954] - Game crashes when hit by an entity holding an item without a specified damage value
  • [Bug MC-105956] - Trying to ride donkey/mule from spawn egg crashes the game
  • [Bug MC-105960] - Entity ID in chat tooltip uses old format (e.g. ArmorStand instead of minecraft:armor_stand)
  • [Bug MC-105962] - Achievements for picking up (block) items don't trigger
  • [Bug MC-105969] - /summon minecraft:lightning_bolt does not work
  • [Bug MC-105970] - Structure Void Blocks Missing Textures When Breaking
  • [Bug MC-105975] - Incorrect entity translation name in statistics
  • [Bug MC-105978] - Splash Potions and Lingering Potions lose their effect when thrown in survival
  • [Bug MC-105989] - Execute detect stairs stops working after reloading the world
  • [Bug MC-105990] - Using single lead item in creative mode removes it from inventory
  • [Bug MC-106002] - Shift + double click no longer moves all stacks
  • [Bug MC-106014] - Crash when a fishing rod bobber goes in a nether portal
  • [Bug MC-106016] - When you put armor on an armor stand, you cannot get the armor off the stand

Bugs fixed in 16w32a:

  • [Bug MC-4] - Item Drops Sometimes Appear at the Wrong Location
  • [Bug MC-9] - Dropped anvil makes no sound when it breaks
  • [Bug MC-87] - When scaling a map with paper, shift-clicking on it won’t apply the correct scale level.
  • [Bug MC-679] - Compass points wrong direction after returning from nether
  • [Bug MC-1555] - Items get deleted when the crafting recipe overflows the inventory
  • [Bug MC-2153] - Chickens’ necks have no texture
  • [Bug MC-8293] - Dispensers spawn mobs without offset along the y-axis
  • [Bug MC-14640] - No hunger bar when riding a Boat or Minecart
  • [Bug MC-46341] - Some text isn’t translated and isn’t available on Crowdin
  • [Bug MC-83185] - Fishing rod in offhand, bobber immediately disappears/goes to 0,0
  • [Bug MC-83571] - Custom named bosses show “Wither” / “Enderdragon” at boss health bar
  • [Bug MC-85320] - End Bricks, purpur blocks, chorus plants, bone blocks and structure blocks don’t show the right colors on a maps
  • [Bug MC-87034] - Dragon’s breath and lingering potion area is invisible on minimal particles
  • [Bug MC-88096] - When using spawn eggs on fences the mobs fall through
  • [Bug MC-89064] - Lightning spawns Skeleton Horse when doMobSpawning/spawn-monsters is false.
  • [Bug MC-90191] - Armorstands, silverfish and endermites in boats spin rapidly
  • [Bug MC-91728] - Instant Health/damage potion tipped arrows got no effect
  • [Bug MC-93619] - Shooting potion tipped arrow in creative mode reduces arrow count
  • [Bug MC-93648] - Snow golems with pumpkins sheared off regain pumpkins
  • [Bug MC-94978] - Throwable items fired from dispenser do not hit mobs for the first two ticks
  • [Bug MC-95922] - Destroyed dropped Minecart items use entity name
  • [Bug MC-96954] - Passenger Entities get dismounted client-side when rerendered
  • [Bug MC-97916] - Items receive too much momentum when they’re squeezed
  • [Bug MC-105560] - Hoppers become stuck on world reload at chunk borders
  • [Bug MC-105787] - Structure void has unused model files

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it!

To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Minecraft server jar

Report bugs here: