The Survivors’ Book of Secrets - out now!

With E3 out the way, it’s the perfect time to put the kettle on and kick back with one of those papery, real-world thingamies that we enjoyed in the days before the internet shattered our attention spans. What were they called? Boofs? Boops?

Of course, we here at Mojang are learned folk who love few things more than reading a good boop, er, book. And what better book could you read than this? - our newly launched, high-quality tome: The Survivors’ Book of Secrets.

Unlike, say, Ulysses or the collected works of Maya Angelou, The Survivors’ Book of Secrets can tell you which splash potion to chuck in the heat of combat and how to organise snow golems into the ultimate battlement defence. What have you got, Mrs Dalloway? NOTHING.

Our book contains the amassed wisdom of an underground group of Minecraft experts who have been around since the days of the Alpha - and you’d be a fool to wander into the wide world without its tips tucked under your arm. It also looks rather lovely. See?

Snap it up from Amazon, here, or find it in any bookshop worthy of the name.

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Lots of good fodder for fellow bookworms. Enjoy!


Marsh - @marshdavies