Minecraft at E3: the round-up

Phew! What a week. E3’s finally over! Jetlagged developers and giddy gamers the world over can finally slump back into their chairs in happy exhaustion, satisfied in the knowledge that a year of amazing digital diversion lies ahead.

What’s that? You missed the entire thing? Dear oh dear. Well, luckily for you, we’ve collated all the most important news (which is to say Minecraft news) and put it in this post.

Here’s the full video of Microsoft’s conference. There’s lots of cool stuff in there - a new, slim version of the Xbox One; customisable game pads; high seas hijinks in Sea of Thieves and highway hijinks in Forza Horizons 3; Gwent, Recore and much more. But if you want to cut to the ‘crafting, watch the edit below:

Doesn’t Lydia’s hair look good?

If you’re looking for more information on Realms, head to our new site here. We also have a more in-depth walkthrough of the Add-ons demo over on the Xbox Twitch channel with Jared Greiner and Jason Major. Skip to 58 minutes in. And here, at 22 minutes in, we have Jared again, now joined by James Webster, to take you through all the new features of The Friendly Update.

I guess Jared’s hair is pretty good, too. Well done, everybody’s hair.

Finally, our very own Vu Bui was interviewed about Mojang’s partnership with UN-Habitat on Block by Block - an initiative to help folk from developing countries take control over their living environment. You’ll hear even more about this next week, but for now, here’s the video. Skip to 40 mins 55 seconds!

What a man. What a hero. What a beard.


Marsh - @marshdavies