Calling all Agents: help us run MINECON 2016!

MINECON couldn’t happen without Agents: a super-special crew of awesome volunteers who dedicate ten hours of their weekend to helping the conference run smoothly. This year’s MINECON is bigger than ever, so we’re looking for even more fine folk to give us a hand. Sound like something you’re interested in? Over 18? Then apply right here! If accepted, you won’t need to pay for a ticket.

You’ll need to apply by July 10, and you’ll hear back from us by email by July 18. You do have to put a deposit down of $60 which we’ll refund after you’ve successfully volunteered at MINECON. You only have to work one full day - outside of that you are free to enjoy MINECON as you please.

Join us! Go on, go on, go on!


Marsh - @marshdavies