Bring Minecraft Into Your World With Mine Chest!


When you play Minecraft, you never know what you’re going to find when you break past those next few blocks, and that feeling of anticipation can be quite exciting, yes?

Well, we wanted to bring that same sense of discovery and creativity, but with cool monthly shipments of Minecraft gear, exclusive items, and neat DIY crafting recipes! Introducing the new and improved, Mine Chest! Now you can subscribe for a monthly box of Minecraft goodness, even some items that you can’t mine anywhere else.

This brilliant chest travels around all different areas of the Minecraft world collecting wonderful things to be delivered straight to you!

Currently, only our US Minecrafters will be able to subscribe, but don’t worry, we are working on a grand plan to get these boxes of joy out to the world!

Mine Chest costs $29.99 per month. Read more about it, and get yours at

Have a great day!

Lydia - @lydiawinters