Watch the new Cobalt trailer! Over one minute of :D

As Gamescom enthusiasts might already know, we’ve just released a brand-new Cobalt trailer for your viewing pleasure! Watch it!

Cobalt is the brainchild of Oxeye Game Studio, which consists of Jens Bergensten, Daniel Brynolf, and Pontus Hammerberg.

As you can see from the trailer it’s dense with features, but Cobalt is mostly about playing as a cute robot with a passion for 2D battles packed with extreme slow-mo and combat rolls.

Cobalt will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Steam in October 2015, but you can play the remarkably-dated 2014 alpha version on PC and Mac right now. And hey - everyone who already owns Cobalt, or buys it for PC/Mac before October will get their Steam key for free!

Check out the official Cobalt site for more info, and enjoy the rest of Gamescom!

Owen - @bopogamel