Minecraft snapshot 14w26c

Update: Snapshot 14w26c has been released to fix broken block IDs, world generation in the nether and the end and some more bugs.
Update: Snapshot 14w26b has been released to fix some chunk loading issues.

If you are updating from 14w26a or 14w26b, your saved world has corrupted blocks and it will be heavily damaged once you open it in 14w26c. Please use a world backup that was saved with a pre-14w26 version.

Wednesday is the new Thursday! We’ve decided that Thursday wasn’t very optimal for us to release snapshots on so we’ve moved the weekly snapshots to Wednesday instead. Adjust your schedules and order a new calendar!

Last weeks snapshot was quite volatile, we’ve been working hard this week on fixing bugs and adding new ones in their place. There may not be many cool features, but this weeks snapshot comes with some optimizations, bug fixes and even more rewrites bringing us closer to the plugin API!

Fixes in 14w26c:

  • [Bug MC-4855] - Mob spawners miss a row on X and Z axis for the spawn range
  • [Bug MC-5270] - Suffocation screen is buggy while standing in lava
  • [Bug MC-7157] - Minecart with Furnace texture shows active furnace without powering it
  • [Bug MC-8255] - TNT Does Not Make Fuse Sound When Dispensed Out Of Dispenser
  • [Bug MC-15370] - Hay Bale: Horses Heal + Speed Growth Mismatch if crafted with 9 Wheat
  • [Bug MC-29559] - 2 block tall grass/fern does not produce seeds when broken
  • [Bug MC-34772] - Efficiency does not work on Packed Ice
  • [Bug MC-46460] - Spectators show burning effect in lava
  • [Bug MC-58920] - Redstone Torch breaks when receiving update
  • [Bug MC-59043] - Using “Pick Block” on Lapis Lazuli Ore creates an untextured block
  • And some bugs that were not reported in Jira

Notable Changes:

  • Lots more internal rewrites.
  • Many bug fixes and some performance optimizations.
  • Added ‘/worldborder add’ command
  • Added new world generator for debugging, useful for resourcepack makers (hold shift and cycle through “World Type” to select it. Spectator mode recommended, it may crash otherwise.)
  • Blocks no longer talk about you behind your back.

Fixed Bugs:

  • [Bug MC-5164] - Strenght and Weakness Potions do not work on agressive wolves
  • [Bug MC-8987] - Flame-enchanted bows don’t activate TNT minecarts!
  • [Bug MC-22586] - spreadplayers command doesn’t accept relative coords for x and z parameters
  • [Bug MC-35431] - Tellraw commandblockoutput
  • [Bug MC-46244] - Command block bug - New particle feature
  • [Bug MC-46634] - Thunder Volume not affected by weather volume settings
  • [Bug MC-46851] - Potion effect particles stay in spectator mode
  • [Bug MC-51788] - Playsound doesn’t work with relative coords
  • [Bug MC-55589] - /particle doesn’t work with some entities
  • [Bug MC-55625] - /playsound relative to entity does not work
  • [Bug MC-56294] - “Are you sure you want to open the following website?” buttons are offset
  • [Bug MC-56862] - Guardian doesn’t die on land and can swim in lava.
  • [Bug MC-56877] - Snow Golem has a broken head
  • [Bug MC-56884] - Negative Color Crosshair
  • [Bug MC-56941] - Floating torch
  • [Bug MC-57033] - Game crashes when new chunks are loaded
  • [Bug MC-57057] - Guardian mob sound bug
  • [Bug MC-57117] - Item frame backgrounds are black on server
  • [Bug MC-57159] - Darker Grass, Mushrooms, Flowers, and Vines
  • [Bug MC-57188] - Wearing Pumpkins on your head. Pumpkins are huge and upside down.
  • [Bug MC-57256] - Placed anvil is rotated by 90°
  • [Bug MC-57524] - Nether portals don’t generate or generate unlit
  • [Bug MC-57670] - The player no longer sinks into the first layer of stacked snow.
  • [Bug MC-57685] - Water dungeons cannot be turned off using world customization
  • [Bug MC-57822] - Cocoa Beans have wrong orientation
  • [Bug MC-57829] - Lever on Slab is upside down
  • [Bug MC-57841] - /give’ing written book with json data will show “Invalid Item” when hovered on in chat
  • [Bug MC-57843] - Written book with json data not formatting right
  • [Bug MC-57854] - Stained Glass Panes particles uncolored
  • [Bug MC-57866] - Written books with JSON don’t get created correctly (no color and styles)
  • [Bug MC-57868] - stained glass pane are dropping white glass pane
  • [Bug MC-57870] - /testforblocks broken
  • [Bug MC-57882] - Empty line in creative inventory
  • [Bug MC-57883] - The barrier blocks particles for being broken are purple and black checkered.
  • [Bug MC-57916] - Iron Golems don’t require air blocks to be besides their head when placing the head block
  • [Bug MC-57917] - Drying a wet sponge in furnace with a STACK of buckets below will cause them to disappear and leave A SINGULAR water bucket
  • [Bug MC-57966] - Block icons in statistics and flatland GUI rendering wrong
  • [Bug MC-57986] - Stacked buckets bug
  • [Bug MC-58025] - Losing my bukkets from sponge
  • [Bug MC-58048] - Acacia and Dark Oak Logs mined with silk touch show the MissingTexture
  • [Bug MC-58060] - Summoning FallingSand with TileID as Chest, Trapped Chest, Ender Chest, Lava and Water crashes game
  • [Bug MC-58066] - Right-click with bow when no arrows in inventory
  • [Bug MC-58136] - Pumpkin/Melon stems rendering incorrectly
  • [Bug MC-58140] - Repeater will show Comparator texture when unpowered, delay:4 and locked
  • [Bug MC-58191] - Can walk through snow layer (Block meta 7)
  • [Bug MC-58196] - Fishing rod and carrot on a stick rendering incorrectly in 3rd person
  • [Bug MC-58229] - Scores in written books don’t work properly when on a server
  • [Bug MC-58493] - BUD Creates Double Redstone Drops When Activated
  • [Bug MC-58537] - Supplemental selectors in /scoreboard teams join & leave don’t work with the @e selector
  • [Bug MC-58637] - FallingSand - Only top side of block has a texture
  • And many more that weren’t reported on the bug tracker!

Please report any and all bugs you find in Minecraft to bugs.mojang.com. If nobody reports a bug, we can’t fix it!

To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog).

Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar: https://launcher.mojang.com/mc/game/14w26c/server/247352905e446c66db85ecb26361a9b5a8eec4ea/server.jar

Report bugs here: