Minecraft 1.7.5 and Realms to Nordic Countries

Hey hey!

Suddenly, a new Minecraft update! Tomorrow morning (Wednesday February 26) we are going to update Minecraft to version 1.7.5. This is a relatively small update from 1.7.4, and brings the following…

  • Minecraft Realms adds mini game support (as described in this YouTube clip)
  • Several server-side performance improvements and bug fixes
  • Preparations to bring Minecraft Realms to more countries!

Specifically, we aim to open Minecraft Realms to all Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark) starting some time next week.

We are still working on snapshots for 1.8, but before 1.8 is out we already know there will be a 1.7.6 version too. Minecraft 1.7.6 will add support for the new skin system (which currently is in the 1.8 snapshots) and name changing (only the support for changing names, actually being able to change names may need to wait a little more). Minecraft 1.7.6 will be out some time after GDC in March.

// Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams