This year we’re holding our third MINECON event, and now that tickets are sold out and we are deep into planning I thought I’d give a little bit more info into the event and how/why we do some of the things we do for it.

MINECON is exciting to us. It’s a chance to bring together thousands of Minecraft players all in one place and give them a chance to meet each other and Mojang, and give people a really amazing experience involving a game that is so integrated into our lives.


We choose to keep MINECON limited to a relatively small group of people so that we can interact with them and give them the best experience possible. We split the ticket sales into 3 batches of 2500 to give people the most chance of being able to buy them when they are available, whether they have jobs, school or other things that could get in the way of any one specific time or day.

Tickets are completely sold out, and we don’t recommend buying them second hand from scalpers, because they are terribly expensive and there’s no way to guarantee that you will be getting genuine tickets. We also won’t be selling tickets at the door, because tens of thousands of people could show up, and our venue is planned for the 7500 tickets we sold.

While it would make us all happy to have everyone who wants to come be able to get tickets, it’s just not feasible with the size of community we have, so we had to choose what felt like it would be the best number for the event we want to give you.


When the event company we hired looked into the minimum age requirements for an event like this, they were informed that 16yo and under should have an adult with them. After hearing from the community and doing a little more research we have decided to lower that to 13, so you don’t need a ticket for your parent if you are over 13. If you bought a parent ticket because of this age restriction and want a refund, contact us and we will put those tickets back up for sale.


Like last year we will be live streaming much of the event. The entire time the show is going we will stream content, from the main panels to the show floor, sharing as much of the event as possible, as it happens, to people at home. After MINECON we will have the stream AND all the panels available to view on YouTube. We’ll give more information on the live stream as we get closer to the event, but we want as many people to know about and enjoy it as possible!


Also like last year, we will not be giving out press passes. We wanted as many community members to be able to come as possible, so giving out free tickets to press didn’t make sense to us. Our community gets much of its Minecraft related news from YouTube Minecrafters anyway, so traditional press isn’t even the right channel for what we have going on, which is for the community and largely BY the community.


Yes, there will be capes again for all ticket purchasers. We don’t have information on how that will happen or what they will be like, but you’ll hear before MINECON.


We will be announcing more about the event as plans get more solidified, we have some really cool things coming this year and as soon as things are confirmed we’ll get the word out to all of you. We want MINECON to be an event you’ll always remember, and we’re doing everything we can to make that possible.

More information on volunteers, panels and exhibitors is coming soon!

-Vu (@vubui)