Minecraft - The Horse Update


It’s time! You’ve already heard all about it in the pre-release post, so go play it in the new launcher!

For those of you who also have access to Minecraft Realms, here’s the change-log regarding Realms:

  • Added handling of invitations
  • Added resetting realm with one of provided realm templates
  • Added viewing backups for a realm and the ability to restore any of them
  • Added setting the owner of a realm as game master operator
  • Added confirmation screens for various actions (such as deleting a realm)
  • Ability to leave someone else’s realm that previously accepted invitation for.
  • Fixed game mode and game difficulty issue
  • Minor GUI fixes for better usability

Get the new launcher here:

Get the server files here:

Texture packs have to be converted into Resource Packs, which support changing of sounds, languages and other assets. You can use this tool to convert them instantly: TextureEnder.jar

// The Minecraft and Minecraft Realms teams