Cobalt now got Mac support in v121!


Now I know it was quite a while ago we wrote something about Cobalt. That is becuase the guys have been working hard on putting all them nuts and bolts into the right places and now you can play Cobalt on your Mac! About time some would say, but we are really happy with this :)

I know that kinten and vraket have been working like crazy lately and it is finally paying off. The level editor has gotten crazy new features for you map creators and tonnes of bug fixes. And we will soon have a video of what more they have been working on (the adventure mode, this one is going to be epic!)

To buy/download Cobalt please go to - when you click on the store link it says that it is Windows only, but that is because the Mac version is so new that the rest of our sites haven’t reacted to it yet.

For full change log and what more has been worked on, please visit this link