Watch Minecraft develop over 800 days. It's pretty

Who’d have thought the development of Minecraft could make such a colourful, lively worm-thing? Nathan, that’s who. He used a tweaked version of Gource, along with the Minecraft changelog, to create the video above. Watch full screen for maximum enlightenment. The music comes courtesy of C418’s in-game discs.

As the team beavers away, the code-beast thrives. Different colours represent different types of files: blue strands are text, red are sounds, grey is java. Things get really interesting when you start looking at specific dates in the evolution of Minecraft. Watch Jens’ get busy when he takes over as lead developer, the codespolsion when the team refactors things for the first time, or the zapping of duplicate files in April 2012.

Very relaxing and oddly satisfying. Enjoy!

Owen - @bopogamel