Thanks to you, Mojam 2013 raised $517,489

A few weeks ago, Mojam 2013 happened; Mojang and a few other indie devs worked on new projects over three days. We live-streamed the whole thing, then shaved off Notch’s beard.

Why did we do this? It was a lot of fun, but it also gave you opportunity to donate towardsBlock by Block and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Everyone who donated got to download the completed creations and play till their heart’s content.

The response was overwhelming. Here’s a breakdown of the cash raised.

  • Mojam 2013 raised a total of $517,489.25.
  • 86,531 of you handed over cash.
  • The median amount donated was $2.00. The average was $5.98.
  • After payment processor fees $295,553.96 was raised for The Electronic Frontier Foundation and $194,493.28 for Block By Block.

Massive thanks to all who donated - you’re probably a lovely person.

Have a nice day!

Owen -@bopogamel