Minecraft Snapshot 13w09c

We’re still fixing bugs… The pre-release has been postponed until we don’t discover any new crash bugs and/or redstone bugs.

The things changed in this snapshot are:

  • [MC-16] TP Bug when you sit in Minecart/Boat/Riding pig
  • [MC-32] Minecart going in a circle will make any minecart close to them go super fast.
  • [MC-49] Sounds: Fire extinguish sound does not work in survival
  • [MC-711] Redstone and components stay powered after unloading chunks
  • [MC-1752] Breaking Doors moves the other part of the door sometimes
  • [MC-5588] Swords do not lose durability when used on the Ender Dragon
  • [MC-6551] Creative Menu potion values are not the same as when brewed (issue redo)
  • [MC-7058] Brewing stand comparator output inconsistent
  • [MC-7098] Non-standard resolutions (and small standard resolutions) not detected properly
  • [MC-7196] Nether cave/tunnel generator produces incorrect/cut tunnels
  • [MC-7208] Missing quartz, hopper, and comparator textures
  • [MC-7249] Quartz slabs and double slabs using wrong texture
  • [MC-7520] Inconsistent distribution system (based on hopper, hopper bug) using rails and minecart-chest over hoppers
  • [MC-8328] Powered mechanisms react when receiving a 0 tick redstone signal
  • [MC-8784] Comparator use off state texture / do not emit any light when powered
  • [MC-9181] Minecarts with Hoppers duplicating items when multiple carts are in the same space
  • [MC-9289] Hitting mobs with a sharpness I wooden sword and weakness III crashes the game
  • [MC-9341] Powering 2 pistons extends the wrong piston!
  • [MC-9357] Mobs with the old AI have inverted head movement
  • [MC-9363] Rows of Vertical Down Piston Extenders have a >50% failure rate
  • [MC-10312] Minecraft crashes when a saddled pig you ride dies or when changing between rideable entities
  • [MC-10355] Animations for items and blocks do not work properly
  • [MC-10415] Unable to craft with blocks which have a damage value greater than 0
  • [MC-10501] Invisible entities infinite spawn loop (client side) using minecart spawners causing severe performance issues.
  • [MC-10503] Crash when near crops
  • [MC-10510] View Upside Down with Speed 5 and FOV Quake Pro
  • [MC-10532] Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Ticking player
  • [MC-10533] Same redstone line, two different redstone level
  • [MC-10558] Internal error when using /effect with an id >31

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