Watch the indie talks from MINECON! Learn stuff!

Minecon 2012 wasn’t just about Minecraft, Scrolls and Cobalt. We were also lucky enough to have a bunch of indie developers attend, along with C418 - the guy responsible for the tinkly Minecraft tunes that you love so much. It was a veritable feast of indie creation.

So they don’t end up dropping into the internet void forever we’ve embedded videos of the talks below. They’re all worth watching, whether you’re an aspiring indie developer looking for tips on how to get started, a gamer interested in the development process, or someone who doesn’t want to miss this intriguing slice of the show. Click each developer’s name to see what they’re up to on Twitter, or just click the title of their game to visit the official sites and to buy their games (an excellent idea).

Sit back, pour yourself a satisfying beverage, and prepare for enlightenment!

Owen - @bopogamel

Paul Taylor - Frozen Synapse

Tom Francis - Gunpoint

Grant Duncan - Joe Danger

Daniel Rosenfeld/C418 - the soundtrack to Minecraft

Mark Morris and Chris Delay - Prison Architect

Mike Bithell - Thomas Was Alone