Minecraft Papercraft Studio now available for iOS!

There’s nothing quite like a piece of real-life papercraft to show off your love for a video game. Now, thanks to Minecraft Papercraft Studio, you can create a real-life, pixel-perfect papercraft model from a library of over 300,000(!) Minecraft skins. You can also recreate your own skin by entering your username. Simple!

It’s a universal app, so you can download it once and install it on all your iOS devices for $2.99/£1.99/€2.69.

All you need to do is download Minecraft Papercraft Studio, print out the template, and assemble. You’ll need scissors, glue, and a bit of patience to bring your creation to life, but the end result is something you can treasure forever! Watch the trailer below for a more visual explanation:

Creators of the app, 57digital, have also cooked up an in-depth tutorial video for your convenience. What a nice bunch…

Minecraft Papercraft Studio is completely compatible with 57digital’s last app, Minecraft Skin Studio. In fact, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can design or edit a skin using Skin Studio then export it to Papercraft Studio with a few taps. It works the other way round too; you can grab an existing skin and edit before printing out the template. 57digital are also behind Minecraft Explorer: the official guide to all things Minecraft. For more updates, follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook page.

And here are a few real-life examples of models, all made with Papercraft Studio:

Have fun! Make it a crafty weekend, people.

Owen - @bopogamel