Minecraft Gift Cards now available in the US

US residents! Now you can buy Minecraft for PC/Mac in real-life stores! Very exciting stuff.

The pre-paid cards spell good news for many reasons.

  • Credit card details are no longer required to buy Minecraft. Handy if your mum/gran/rabbit doesn’t like handing over numbers online.
  • You can buy Minecraft for real-life money taken from a wallet, pocket, or piggy bank. Not just any wallet, pocket, or piggy bank - one you’re allowed to access. Otherwise it’s stealing. Stealing is bad.
  • It’s now possible to slip Minecraft into a birthday/Christmas card as a surprise bonus gift. What a nice thing to do.
  • Cards can be sent anywhere in the world! So long as they have an internet connection, the recipient can redeem the code and download the game. Cheap postage, maximum Minecraft.

Here’s how you redeem your card. You can buy them in your nearest Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. Apologies if you’re interested in the cards but are based outside the US; we’re working on expanding their availability.

Have fun!