We now have a Minecraft Developers blog!

Hey guys,

As part of our process of better involving the community in the design and development of the Minecraft API, I’ve been working on setting up a Minecraft Developer blog called “Minecraft: Into the Void”.

This blog will be used by the Minecraft team to share developer related articles and information. It will cover things like: extremely technical write-ups that break down new features we’ve added to Minecraft that developers or map makers might find useful. Or articles detailing the use of a new tool we’ve created for the community’s use.

It will also be the central location for me to post Minecraft API related topics, information and announcements so developers don’t have to check several different places for news. Basically, the Minecraft Developer blog will be our space to nerd out unashamedly, do and share what we love, and we are really excited about it.

If you’re a developer and think this might interest you, come check it out:
Minecraft: Into the Void - the Minecraft Developers blog

The launch of this blog and the Minecraft API proposal system are just the beginnings of my work to create an official Minecraft developers community and ecosystem (as you might have guessed from the new dev.minecraft.net subdomain). I am excited to work with the many developers in our awesome community and for what the future has in store!

// EvilSeph, on behalf of the Minecraft Team