Pretty Scary Update incoming... scare us silly!

The Pretty Scary update is almost here! It’ll arrive on Thursday if all goes to plan. I fear it.

Wither and his army of minions, scary zombies that infect you, scary bats, scary witches, and tougher AI will all be included. Then there’s beacons, carrots on sticks, controllable pigs, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin pie, anvils and - perhaps the scariest thing we’ve ever put in Minecraft - FLOWER POTS. Oh man. Expect bug fixes and tweaks aplenty.

As a celebration of the update, we thought we’d run a competition rooted in fear. The winner will get a foam pickaxe signed by every member of the team. That’s probably worth a significant amount of money on eBay, if you’re into that kind of thing (shame on you).

Read on for instructions on how to enter, if you dare.

  • Take a scary screenshot in Minecraft. It has to be a screenshot, not a piece of fan art.
  • Make it the the scariest screenshot you’ve ever taken. One influenced by fear, impending danger, pain, anxiety; that kind of thing. You can wait for tomorrow’s update if you like, or submit it right away if you already have something in mind.
  • Submit the screenshot to the Hej Mojang page before the end of October 30th, CEST.
  • Wait for us to judge the submitted screenshots.
  • Cross your fingers and hope you win!

That’s it! We look forward to seeing your entries. Have a nice day!