Halloween Charity Skin Pack on Xbox! :D


Today we are releasing a very special Halloween Skin Pack for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. It’s special because all proceeds will go charity! The Skin Pack is 160MSP and all 160MSP (about 2 bucks) will go to good causes. 4j Studios, Microsoft and we have chosen different charities where the proceeds will go. We chose the Block by Block project where we are supporting UN Habitat to rebuild different places throughout the world.

It’s been made by a bunch of great developers (hello Rare, I loved your games when I was a kid!) around the world. I’m super happy that we managed to organize this, and I want to say thanks to all the developers that helped make this happen, but also to you. You get awesome skins AND do something great at the same time. And this is the first time the skins got capes! :)

To read more about which charities we have chosen to donate the money to, please go here.

To see all the skins go here

And if you want to go bananas and support this skin pack now, go here :)