No Snapshot, But Updates


Today we’ve updated Minecraft to version 1.3.2, as we said we would. This is a patch update that mainly includes fixes for important bugs. To avoid feedback confusion for us we’ve decided to skip the snapshot this week. Snapshots will be back next week!

Also, Cobalt is updated again! Now to version v108-alpha. Get it through the launcher or download the installer at The changes in v108a are:


  • Burners now do less damage on the tip
  • Predator movement and ai has been improved
  • You can now initiate an air roll while using jet shoes, and as long as you hold the rolling button you will keep spinning even with the jet shoes spraying around you.
  • Tweaked screen shake
  • Tweaked air roll animation


  • Minimal mode and shaders turned off now works again.
  • Fixed tile browser camera being to low initially
  • Fixed respawning bug in tutorial
  • Fixed crash related to explosionSequence used in safest gate.
  • Optimized shader preparations for actor and objects
  • Optimized actor limb explosions which should generate less performance intensive debris.
  • Fixed second shop in safe house
  • Forgot to up the shied damage factor on Plasma weapons when i reduced their damage, they are now good at shield as they are supposed to, but they still dont insta-remove yellow shields.
  • Research facility now restocks shops.
  • Fixed pathfinder trying to path through locked doors
  • Fixed a crash bug related to alarm actors rig rendering.
  • Added AI so that the metalfaces dont jump-kick while trying to roll-deflect

… or check the update on Oxeye’s blog: