Mojangsta Weekly Updates

Over here at Mojang, we’ve decided to start something new. A weekly celebration of the community. This will happen in various forms - videos, tweets, and a weekly blog post every Wednesday.

To kick this off, let’s celebrate the fact that Minecraft: Xbox 360 Version sold over 1 MILLION copies in just five days. You guys are AMAZING! How should we celebrate? Well what about by giving out a bunch of XBLA codes.

First follow @mojangteam on twitter, as both contests will be run there this week.

There’s two main ways you can win.

1. I have NO idea what to name this weekly community blog post. Help!?! Think up a great name and tweet it using the hashtag #MojangTeam. Think of something creative and awesome. Best name gets an XBLA code.


2. Create something cool with the theme of “Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.” It can be a photo, sculpture, drawing, photoshop artwork, or anything fun you can think up. Tweet a picture of it and use the hashtag #MinecraftXBLA. Some winners will be chosen at random and others based on awesomeness and originality. Some of them will be featured on a first community YouTube video next week!

Now… get to tweeting.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a twitter user, there will be lots of fun activities happening on the blog, YouTube, and also on Facebook. Check back every Wednesday for fun challenges and featured community members!

Have a great day!