Cobalt Updated to v104 Alpha

Cobalt has been updated and is now at version 104 alpha! Changes in versions 103 and 104 are,

  • Custom levels placed in maps with either ctp dm or sur_ will now be loaded into the menu.
  • Removed all girders from cannon arena and tweaked design and weapons.
  • Improved head flying off rendering, also made all body parts be colored by the original actor.
  • Objects and items that are destroyed (by explosions and heat for example) now have better feedback
  • Tweaked object healths
  • Added new deathmatch map, Gladiator
  • Added new ctp map, Frozen
  • Added new ctp map, Volcano
  • Added new bounty map, Rumble in the City
  • New preference in profile for always showing your player name under your actor
  • Plug now has health and will die from sustained explosions and lava, and will respawn when destroyed.
  • Jet shoes now do less damage initially, but also do heat damage over time.
  • Extended the map filters for future use.
  • Added bounty AI and better bounty hud.
  • Profile names can now contain numbers as well as a number of special characters

… and lots of bug fixes! Also, the map editor is now unlocked and available from the menu.

If you want to access the Cobalt development builds you can pre-order the game at If you already own Cobalt you can update the game by logging in to the launcher.

You can read more info about the map editor in Oxeye Game Studio’s blog post!