Minecraft - Pocket Edition Update is Out!

Hey gamer-on-the-move! :)

I’m happy to announce that a new update is out.

We have tweaked some bits and pieces and this is more a tweak update than feature update:

  • New controller option - Split Touch Controls. This is option may be more suitable for those with bigger screens (hello tablets!). You got a cross hair and the right half of the screen lets you rotate the camera. Touch to place block, hold down to remove blocks. Just like you did before :)
  • Flying is changed; ascend/descend by sliding from the center button to the up/down button
  • Pigs are added to Survival Mode
  • Bug fixes

Grab it on Google Play and iOS Appstore now!

Next update is in the works and will contain Minecraft Advanced Touch Technology Interface System (MATTIS). More on that soon :)