Humble Bundle Mojam

Starting this Friday, February 17th at 10 CET Mojang will be creating a new game LIVE with all of the money going to charity. With the help of our friends at, we are having a fun game jam weekend. By donating, you will be given the game created in the 60 hours (and maybe some other fun things too).

We’ll also have some fun and silly incentives for reaching certain amounts of money (like Aron FINALLY creating a Twitter account). We’ll also be doing some giveaways and Q&A’s with the Mojangstas.

Make sure to follow @mojangteam and @notch for updates. Also use #Mojam to submit questions!

We want your help to choose the theme and the genre. The highest and lowest voted from each category will be combined for the game. Of course, you’ve always wanted to play a Shoot Em’Up Dating Simulator with a Candy Land World War II theme. Choose wisely!

See you this weekend!