The Plan for Minecraft - Pocket Edition


I have recently gotten a lot of tweets about Minecraft - Pocket Edition (you know, Minecraft for iOS/Android) and I will try to explain to you guys what we are doing and how we are going to move forward.

A lot of people have been asking what we were doing after the first initial Android release and why they haven’t gotten more updates. Well, after the first initial launch of the Android version Aron started to port the game to iOS. We just wanted to make sure that the iOS version was on par with the Android version before continuing the, work since it is quite complicated to deal with different versions with different features. We have one small bug fix update that is waiting for iOS that is already out on the Android. So let’s move on.

The plan now is to start digging into making Minecraft - Pocket Edition with Survival features!! Please note that we will NOT replicate Minecraft and try to bring all the features that are already out. This is not possible and does not match the touch platform. I’m trying to be as detailed as possible to show you why some stuff may take some time.

This is what the plan looks like right now and being worked on:

  • A new file system - to make sure we can support items and mobs in the world
  • Item system - to be able to pick up items
  • Crafting - we know you want this :) This will probably need some iterations since the interface will be customized for the touch devices
  • Inventory system
  • Mobs - animals and enemies!
  • Optimizing rendering code - we are experimenting with caves but need to make it work better before we are able to release it
  • Clean up of code and overall optimization

Please note that we don’t have any dates set yet. Also, please make sure you update your phone/pods to the latest version of your operating system for best compatability.