A New Daniel and a New Support System

If you follow us on twitter you may have seen that there is a new Daniel in town. Daniel Frisk, our latest addition to the Mojang team, started to work with us yesterday. Frisk (I’ll call him Frisk for now, so you don’t get confused…) used to work with both Carl and Notch at jAlbum. Frisk will work with back-end development for the THE GAME WHICH HAS NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED YET (TM)and he will also help out with other server design stuff. We are all really excited to have Frisk on board to help us out here at Mojang!

Follow Frisk on twitter: twitter.com/danfrisk

New support systemFrom now on we will be using Zendesk which has a ticket support system. Hopefully this will make the support much more efficient.

If you have issues with your account/payment such as:

  • You got charged more than expected.
  • Your account is not premium anymore. Please check your username. 95% of the issues we get is people who log in with wrong usernames and not the ones they paid for.
  • Your account has an email that isn’t yours or you have forgotten the password

Make sure you email payment at mojang dot com

If you have issues with the game such as:

  • The game doesn’t start
  • The game doesn’t behave as intedend

Please make sure you visit https://getsatisfaction.com/mojang or https://www.minecraftforum.net/ for further help.

I know that I have told people to email me directly if they have had issues before, but this is not needed anymore since we have some new support personnel helping us with the account/payment issues :)